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The Retail Development Academy is operated by Martec International, who is also a content partner. Other leading providers of retail e-learning training also participate in the Academy. Partners receive a royalty on all sales of their products made through the Academy.
They participate in the Academy for several compelling reasons:

  1. Martec manages an extensive marketing program to generate class sales using our retail database of nearly 60,000 named individuals in worldwide retail and its supply base. This means we can attract an additional client base to the one that you target now, due to the extensive nature of our database and marketing activities.
  2. We market internationally and currently have customers in China, India, The Middle East, Europe, South and North America.
  3. We host the classes through our Learning Management System and provide the operational service to our customers, which includes management tools, management reporting and student tracking.
  4. We operate a dedicated Retail Development Academy web site. Because we offer a portfolio of content from multiple content partners we attract more traffic through a stronger "magnetic pull". In other words, visitors to our site will find more content in one place and have more of a one stop shopping experience.
  5. Although some content providers have apparently similar content to others we operate a buyer's guide that provides unbiased advice on which solution to select and when. Our partners help us with the content for the buyer's guide and can confirm that we do our best to make it unbiased.
  6. We offer a learning path capability that makes it easy for a potential buyer to combine training modules from various providers to create a complete solution for their needs.
  7. Partners can change their content on the Retail Development Academy web site (through our site maintenance team) whenever appropriate.
  8. The Retail Development Academy web site also helps stimulate traffic to our partners' web sites and vice versa.

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