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Consulting and Implementation

Make your consulting and delivery teams as effective as possible. Whichever business areas they work in, we can build their knowledge of best practice processes so they can more successfully guide your clients to where they can make the most gains and implement your solutions with maximum impact. Start with the Fundamentals of Retail Suite to build their base knowledge, then build their depth with any of the key areas below.

  Fundametals of Retail Suite   Fundamentals of the Consuner Goods Business   HQ Induction / New Hire
  Buying and Merchandising   Store Ops - HQ   Store Management / Supervision
  Customer Service and Store Colleagues   Store Induction   Finance
  IT   E-commerce / Omni-channel / Marketing   Independent Retailer


Why Should You Buy E-learning?

Because Martec’s training results in better customer service, higher sales, improved gross margins, lower training expenses, greater inventory productivity and lower employee attrition. Click here to get the full story.