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Retail Financials

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Title: Retail Financials

Developed by: Martec International

Target Audience: This program is designed for people who sell or market to retailers. It is ideal for companies who sell or market IT solutions to retailers.   It will also benefit merchandise suppliers who sell directly to retailers, those who market to retailers to get their content specified in retail products and is also valuable as induction training for retail management trainees and for IT teams who need to understand the retail business more fully.

Hours of Study: 1-2

Course Outline: This course explores the main financial statements used by retail organizations and how retailers make money.

This is a module from Martec's Fundamentals of Retail Suite which can be studied as an individual class if you choose not to take the full suite.

Cost: $68/£54/€62

Group Discounts: 100-249 seats 20% off, 250-499 30% off, 500-999 40% off, 1000+ 50% off

Alternative courses on the same subject: Mindedge has a Retail Math class which covers all the basic arithmetic formulae and calculations necessary when calculating key retail numbers. It is a good class to take if you do not have a good understanding of basic maths before you start to study the financial classes.’s Introduction to Retail Finance is a 20 minute program which introduces the three main financial statements and also introduces Open to Buy. It goes on to explain the importance of financial analysis. NRF’s Principles of Financial Reporting class is suited to store managers and potential store managers who need to understand and interpret financial reports, particularly related to periodic trading statements.