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Introduction to Retail Management

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Title: An Introduction to Retail Management

Developed by: NRF Foundation

Target Audience: The Retail Management Training Suite is designed to engage a new Sales Manager or Assistant Manager, but it is also ideal for all retail managers who would like to learn and understand more about the retail business.

Hours of Study: 1.5

Course Outline:

  • The Retail Landscape
  • Retail Categories
  • What Influences Retail Success?
  • The Retail Business Cycle
  • The Importance of Planning and the Retail Calendar
  • The Shopping Experience
  • Retailers Compete
  • What makes a Great Retail Manager?
  • Retail People and Positions

NB This course is suitable for use in Microsoft Windows based environments but not MAC environments.

Cost: $50/£33/€45

Group Discounts: 100-249 seats 20% off, 250-499 30% off, 500-999 40% off, 1000+ 50% off

Alternative courses on the same subject: Martec’s Introduction to Store Operations presents a high level overview of all store operations activities across all retail segments except hospitality. It is suited to induction training for those new to retailing and companies that sell goods and services to retailers. NRF’s Operations class, which is also part of the NRF Retail Management Suite, reviews store operations and is more geared to the department store and non-food retail segments than the Martec offering. Martec’s Store Operations class is a full review of everything that Store Operations needs to do or is responsible for. It is more suited to those who aspire to be store managers or have roles at headquarters and who need much more detailed content. Class length is roughly 10 hours verses 1 to 2 hours for the Martec Introduction class above.