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Overview of the Academy Solution

The Retail Development Academy brings together the world's best providers of retail training programs. But it is much more than a library of training. It includes the ability to:

  • Load details of all employees to be trained and track their training and achievement history
  • Define their job roles and the core competencies they need to fulfill those roles. The core competencies may be taken from your own job descriptions or from industry standard job descriptions provided by the Academy. (Currently buying and merchandising job descriptions are available on the Academy. Others will be added).
  • Assess competency for current and future roles via testing
  • Develop training needs assessments
  • Use learning paths to specify combinations of training modules or classes for specific roles or to meet individual’s needs
  • Select from a wide range of e-learning courses and other resources to achieve training and education goals
  • Deliver the training
  • Test accomplishment and understanding and track results
  • Benchmarking before and after training
  • Provide management reporting on progress and achievement.


 Retail Development Academy Training Paths