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Accessing the courses

  • Q - How do I access the training?
  • A – When we receive payment we send you a link to our LMS and access details. So all you need is a web browser to access the courses.
  • Q - Can I access the training from a number of devices?
  • A – Yes, you can access the training from more than one device. For example you may want to study at work and also at home.
  • Q - How often can I access the training course?
  • A – As many times as you like within the access period. This is 12 months for most of our courses. This allows you to revise key concepts whenever you need to.
  • Q - Do you have any tips for launching an e-learning program in a company?
  • A - Yes, download this document for Top 10 tips in launching an e-learning program in your company.

Certification and testing

  • Q - Do I get a certificate if I pass the course?
  • A – Virtually all the courses in the Retail Development Academy have a mastery test at the end. If you get more than 80% you can print off a mastery certificate for the course.
  • Q - How many times can I retake the test?
  • A – As many times as you like, there is no limit.
  • Q – Do any courses have external certifica tion?
  • A – Yes, the NRF’s Retail Management training suite has an accompanying external test and certification. Currently this is only available for students in the United States.

Groups and company training

  • Q - I have a big group to train can I buy a company licence?
  • A – Yes, please get in touch via the contact us page. The company licence can run either on your LMS or on ours.
  • Q - Can you customize the course for my company?
  • A – Yes. Some companies like their logo and photos of their stores and business in the training. Others require significant changes. Please get in touch via the contact us page for more information.
  • Q - Can I get discounts on a series of courses related to one job function?
  • A – Yes, we offer learning paths that provide suggested training courses for different job functions and offer significant discounts if you buy all the courses in a learning path together.

Training formats to complement e-learning

  • Q - I’d prefer an instructor led course rather than e-learning, can you do this?
  • A – Yes, many of the courses can be run as instructor led courses. Please get in touch via the contact us page.
  • Q – What is blended learning?
  • A – This is a combination of formats including e-learning and instructor led. For groups of 10 or more blended learning is an effective way of combining the benefits of each type of training.
  • Q - Is there a course book to accompany the online course?
  • A – All our courses are stand alone and do not need manuals as well.

Organization of the Retail Development Academy

  • Q - What is the relationship between Martec and the Retail Development Academy?
  • A – The Retail Development Academy offers a one stop retail e-learning portal. It is run by Martec International and features training from a number of our partners. Martec is one of the partners that offers training.


  • Q - How do I renew the licence for my course?
  • A - Don’t worry we will get in touch with you before your access expires to ask you if you would like to renew your licence. If you are accessing your training through a company licence we will be in touch with your Learning and Development or other contact to renew access through them. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us directly to arrange this by emailing .