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6one5® is a retail consulting and training company that specialises in developing the retail acumen of store owners, managers, and retail sales people.

6one5 Retail’s courses have been developed from extensive global research and benchmarking. They are based on our experience of training 30,000 retail managers and sales people over the last 10 years. We have worked with companies all over the world including Asia, China, Europe, Middle East, Canada, USA and South America. The eLearning programs have been delivered in 11 languages to retail and consumer goods companies across the globe.

We create extraordinary results using our 6one5® philosophy. This says that when you, increase sales by 6%, improve margin by 1%, and reduce costs by 5%, you can achieve up to double the current profit of your stores. In our programs, we focus on a variety of retail skills to increase sales, improve margins, and reduce costs.

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