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The Retail Development Academy courses are accessed via the Upskill People Learning Management Platform. This provides corporate users with a range of facilities to help them manage the execution and monitoring of their training initiatives. It is easy to use, designed specifically for retail and even allows non-English speaking learners to access the system in their local language. 

The table that follows shows how companies and specific departments can benefit by managing their training investment and plans using Upskill People’s Learning Management Platform.


Your Company Benefits to the company
For corporate users training classes can be installed under a learning management system (LMS) if you have one already (if it’s SCORM compliant and most are) You can administer company wide training with the least possible admin
If not, we can host the training under our LMS for a controllable monthly fee Get started quickly using your classes, our classes, or any combination in an easy to control way.
We can also host other e-learning you may have already or be developing All student activity can be tracked in one database and reported in one set of reports
The LMS will track student performance, namely classes completed, mastery tests passed, certificates awarded, classes in progress, etc. You can see how well your training investment is being used and how people are progressing
Your training management can have manager access to the LMS to see how your staff are progressing As above
For larger corporate users, we can provide the LMS in your brand Promote your image as a caring employer
If you are not sure your people need training, we can complete an assessment benchmark to see what level they are at You can see whether you really do need to invest

 If you want to find out more or have any queries, please download our brochure or contact us directly. We will be happy to help.