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I'm a Retailer

To help you get started we have defined a set of roles in the menu to the left and created recommended learning paths for each one based on a number of assumptions. You can look at the relevant ones as a starter kit and make adjustments based on your specific situation. Alternatively, for questions or free advice on how to design a curriculum to meet your specific needs, please contact us, we'd be happy to help.

You can exclude class elements where your work experience or past training means that you have a deep enough knowledge of a topic already. Also, the Buyers Guide page gives more information on classes which are different choices for the same basic need, or you can consult us for free advice.

If you are a company, keep in mind that we can customise many of our classes to meet very specific needs. Alternatively, we will sell the content for many of our classes to a larger company to allow them to re-purpose into a form closer to its specific needs. Please contact us if this option is of interest to you.

For non-English speaking companies this latter option allows corporate clients to include language translation and voice over in local language and accents.