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E-Learning for Groups

E-Learning for Groups

Most classes in the Retail Development Academy are e-learning programs. However, many can also be offered in a blended learning style with a mixture of e-learning and live instructor contact.

How it works

  1. Each week your training group tackles one module or lesson of the e-learning course. Because learning material is accessed electronically everyone can focus on the content at a time that works best for their schedule.
  2. A group tutoring session is conducted weekly (or at intervals set by you). Students log into a web seminar hosted by the live instructor. This session includes several elements:
  • Students submit questions in advance on topics where they need more coaching or guidance.
  • The instructor then reviews the key points of this week’s lesson typically using some PowerPoint slides to help.
  • The instructor then reviews the pre-submitted questions in detail.
  • Students can also ask ad hoc questions throughout the web session and the instructor clarifies these at that time.
  • Where appropriate the instructor will get the group to do an exercise during the session and review their answers.
  • Our experts furnish complete answers to make sure your team has not just digested the content, but understands the lesson and knows how to apply it.
  • This type of team learning encourages a collaborative culture that continues after training concludes.
  • The approach is less expensive than traditional classroom training but doesn’t sacrifice one-to-one instructor contact.

Minimum numbers

Normally, it requires a minimum of 10 licenses to make this a viable option.

Find out more

Please contact us for more details and costs. Please supply the likely group size and their geographic locations with the numbers of students at each location.