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Consulting and Implementation

Make your consulting and delivery teams as effective as possible. Whichever business areas they work in, we can build their knowledge of best practice processes so they can more successfully guide your clients to where they can make the most gains and implement your solutions with maximum impact. Start with the Fundamentals of Retail Suite to build their base knowledge, then build their depth with any of the key areas below.

  Fundametals of Retail Suite   HQ Induction / New Hire   Buying and Merchandising
  Store Ops - HQ   Store Management / Supervision   Customer Service and Store Colleagues
  Store Induction   Finance   IT
  E-commerce / Omni-channel / Marketing   Independent Retailer    


Why companies working with retailers use the Academy's e-learning

  Increases the confidence of your team communicating with retailers, ensures you speak the same language as retailers and achieve better engagement with line of business executives.
    Ensures more successful projects as consultants explore and solve the right issues in the most effective way.
    Gets new hires off to a quicker start, facilitates just in time revision of key topics before important meetings, means you can train people when they need it.
    More cost effective than classroom training as there are no travel and lodging expenses or whole days away from customer contact.