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Courses are available for all these business functions as well as management trainees and everyone who is new to the retail business. You can also use the search box on the left to shortlist appropriate options for you or your team.

  HQ Induction / New Hire   Buying and Merchandising    Store Ops - HQ
  Store Management / Supervision   Customer Service and Store Colleagues   Store Induction
  Finance   IT   E-commerce / Omni-channel / Marketing
    Independent Retailer          


Why Should You Buy E-learning?

Your People Benefits
New hires can be trained immediately they join the company, no waiting for enough people to make up a class Start being productive fast
People new to retail get the terms, the metrics, the processes and their use quickly Better ability to fulfil their roles
Promoted employees can learn new skills quickly Execute their new role faster and better
Existing employees can equip themselves for promotion ahead of time The talent pool can be developed more easily
Employees can learn best practice rather than just how we do it here Employees are more valuable to the employer
Employees who receive training stay longer Staff turnover and recruitment costs reduce
It is more cost effective than classroom training, especially when you take into account the lack of travel and lodging expenses and the use of non-prime selling time Reduce costs
They can learn about retail in privacy and won’t embarrass themselves asking “stupid” questions in front of colleagues Do it more confidently
They can train outside key working hours The day job doesn’t get delayed when a course is run. The people not on the course don’t have to pick up the slack
They can study at their own pace – the pace they are comfortable with, go over topics that are new to them in detail and whizz through the parts they are familiar with Do it more thoroughly and use their own time more productively
They can go back and recap on key topics when they need to and expand their horizons when they have spare time Refresh their knowledge and learn just in time rather than attempting to remember to many facts at once
They can practice new skills in safety and without risking the business Encourages employees to try new things and learn more
E-Learning training takes about half the time on average compared to instructor-led training and saves travel Saves payroll cost for training and travel and lodging expenses

How Companies Benefit

Feature Benefits to the Company
Training classes can be installed under a learning management system (LMS) you have already (if it’s SCORM compliant and most are) Training classes can be installed under a learning management system (LMS) you have already (if it’s SCORM compliant and most are)
If not, we can host the training under our LMS As above.
We can also host other e-learning you may have All student activity can be tracked in one database and reported in one set of reports
The LMS will track student performance, namely classes completed, mastery tests passed, certificates awarded, classes in progress, etc. You can see how well your training investment is being used and how people are progressing
Your training management can have manager access to the LMS to see how your staff are progressing As above
For corporate users, we can provide the LMS in your brand Promote your image as a caring employer
If you are not sure your people need training, we can complete an assessment benchmark to see what level they are at You can see whether you really need to invest

The short answer is to achieve better customer service, higher sales, improved gross margins, lower expenses and greater inventory productivity. For a fuller answer, review our reasons why retailers buy e-learning.