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Advanced Visual Merchandising

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Title: Advanced Visual Merchandising

Developed by: 6one5

Target Audience: This Advanced Visual Merchandising course is designed for retail managers, frontline staff, visual merchandising professionals and other retail professionals. If you are interested in becoming an expert in Visual Merchandising and developing your skills, this course is for you.

Hours of Study: 2

Course Outline:

  • Principles of Visual Merchandising
  • Enhancing the Customer Experience
  • Attracting the Customer
  • Merchandising for Maximum Impact and Sales
  • Maximizing Hot Spots
  • Signage
  • Implementing Visual Merchandising In Your Store

Cost: $130/£85/€115

Alternative courses on the same subject: The NRF Retail Management Suite has an overview level component in the Merchandising Module suitable for potential store managers and supervisors. Learning Evolution has two courses Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions is specifically geared to shelf analysis and optimisation for retailers selling mostly continuity or year round products. It will be equally beneficial to category management retailers and the trade promotion teams in CPG manufacturing companies. It is a more in depth program forming part of a category management certification curriculum and is more suitable to chains. Space Management is specific to category management and planogram driven environments. It is a good follow on to Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions. It covers key metrics and drivers, assessing performance, identifying changes, improving shelf productivity, identifying adjacencies and developing space management strategy at a category level. has two courses – Merchandising Basics is an entry level program suitable for new sales associates and other shop floor staff. Impulse Merchandising builds on the basic class to give more insight on how to grow sales using impulse merchandising techniques. It is more suited to senior supervisors and store management and will also benefit some headquarters visual merchandising and store operations staff. Both options work well for chains and independents.