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Store Operations

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Title: Store Operations

Developed by: Martec International

Target Audience: This program is designed for store managers and their direct reports, new area managers and potential store managers. Companies selling and marketing store operations solutions to retailers will also find the program valuable.

Hours of Study: 8 to 10

Course Outline:

  • Store Operations Overview
  • HQ Functions
  • Stores
  • Store Inventory Management
  • Loss Prevention & Store Security
  • Human Resources

Cost: $351/£281/€323

Group Discounts: 100-249 seats 20% off, 250-499 30% off, 500-999 40% off, 1000+ 50% off

Alternative courses on the same subject: Martec’s Introduction to Store Operations presents a high level overview of all store operations activities across all retail segments except hospitality. It is suited to induction training for those new to retailing and companies that sell goods and services to retailers. NRF’s Introduction to Retail Management gives a wider view of what retail managers or potential managers need to know specifically from a fashion/department store perspective. NRF’s Operations class, which is also part of the NRF Retail Management Suite, reviews store operations and is more geared to the department store and non-food retail segments than the Martec offering.