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Management Tools and Free Content

The Retail Development Academy provides tools and free content to help clients make the best use of the Academy.

The first major tool is a job descriptions generator for Buying and Merchandising roles. The job description generator is a MS Excel tool where clients can enter some simple parameters and the tool will generate job descriptions for roles ranging from Merchandise Assistant to Merchandise Manager and Buying Assistant to Buying Manager. These can be used to improve internal company job descriptions if you have them. If not you can use ours free of charge if you are an Academy customer.

They include core competencies for each role, which are cross referenced to training modules in the Academy training portfolio. The competencies can help you plan which modules individuals or groups should study. Non-customers can buy the tool through the Martec Shop.

Classes come with mastery tests, some of which are demanding and mastery scores are set at 80%. There is a full set of manager reporting tools to enable managers to track how their teams are progressing and what knowledge levels they are building. A number of classes have free resources such as spreadsheet models and white papers that explore topics in more depth.

There is also a benchmarking process that clients or prospective clients can use to assess the skill levels of their teams before and after a training investment.